Things to Know Before Purchasing


Most items that we sell are crystallized on an as-ordered basis, and because of this, are considered special order items. Returns will not be accepted. If we have an item in stock and ready to ship, it will be noted in the description. Payment is to be made in full before beginning any project.



The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges, including charges incurred by shipping their item to us for crystallization. Any packages sent from us will be fully insured. We do ship internationally. Please contact us for a shipping quote prior to purchase if you reside outside of the United States. International customers are responsible for all customs fees incurred. CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri does not quote customs charges, as these vary and are not always charged. Customs charges are not included in the shipping quote given to you. 



CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri is not responsible for incorrect fitment or related issues. If you order one of our parts or request a new one to be purchased and sent to us for crystallization, you must be sure that it will fit your car. No returns will be accepted based on incorrect fitment. The easiest way to ensure this is to send us a part that is taken directly off your car. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email. We are more than happy to assist you!​​



Each item comes with its own set of care instructions. Generally, we recommend hand-washing all car parts, and spot cleaning all clothing. Do not put any clothing items in the washer or dryer. Do not run cars through a car wash (although we have not seen damage occur from car washes, we can not cover this in our warranty). Auto accidents and dropping of the items are also not considered normal wear-and-tear. If damage occurs as a result of any of these circumstances, the warranty is automatically void.


We are a custom Swarovski crystallizing company, and therefore our warranty does not cover the items themselves that are bought from an outside source (for example, tech failure of a cell phone charger). Our warranty covers only the work done by us: crystallizing.

If damage occurs during shipping, it is the buyer's responsibility to file a claim with the shipping service. All packages are shipped from us fully insured.

CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri has a limited one year warranty from date of purchase on all of our work. Keep in mind that losing a crystal or two is very normal and will happen. If, for some reason, more extensive loss of crystals occurs within the first year due to normal use, there are two options available to the customer: 


  1. The customer can email us photos of the damage, and we will send a repair kit, which is free and includes the appropriate glue and all crystals needed to repair the damage.​

  2. The customer can choose to mail back the part, and CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri will do the repair work for free. For this option, please include a prepaid shipping label with your item so CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri can return it to you once it is repaired. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, to and from.


That being said, we do not accept returns for any reason, including changing your mind about color or style. Once an order is placed, we invest money in both materials and time for labor to complete your item, as mostly everything is custom and made to order, so please be sure you're happy with your design before purchasing!


Swarovski crystal is the finest crystal in the world. Manufactured in Austria for over five generations, nothing beats the shine and precise cut of a Swarovski crystal. No substitutions or plastic imitations are ever used on Briana’s work.  Sure, there are less expensive options, but you won’t get top-of-the-line quality with those like you do with Swarovski. We pride ourselves in selling only high-end merchandise: this means you get the best shine, uniformity, and quality every time.


  • Regular color choices are foiled and very shiny. We do not use unfoiled crystals. 

  • Anything labeled "opal" is more opaque. 

  • "AB" is a coating that gives much more of a rainbow effect.

  • Be aware that any metallics run the risk of losing the metallic top coat over time from regular wear & tear. I do not recommend these colors to be used for regularly touched items like keys, or items that are exposed to the elements. Metallic color choices are: Aurum (24k gold), Crystal Light Chrome, Dorado, Light Gold, Rose Gold, and Scarabaeus Green.​

  • The new "Shimmer" collection showcases the true brilliance Swarovski has to offer. Each crystal in this collection varies between 3 different colors/shades depending on the lighting and angle at which you look at it.

  • View the Swarovski color chart on the Custom Projects page!

Prop 65 Warning

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