UPDATED: Swarovski's Restructuring

Updated: Jul 23

Hi guys!

Now that we're nearing October and a lot more information has been released since my initial post, I want to revisit and talk about Swarovski’s restructuring plan and explaining how this will (and will not) affect CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri.

First things first, we are NOT going out of business!

We are (and will continue) creating beautiful projects for many years to come! As it stands now, we can use Swarovski crystals for our products and the Swarovski brand name in descriptions and marketing through September, 2021.

The biggest changes will be that, after this date, we will no longer be able to use the Swarovski name due to changing copyright laws. The name Swarovski will be removed from the entirety of our site and marketing by October. We also will no longer have any old stock of loose Swarovski crystals listed for sale. Only a select few wholesalers have approval from Swarovski to continue selling individual and factory packs of their crystals, and that is not our sector. Previously, we had a very small amount of extra loose crystals from previous projects on our site, but these have been removed in accordance with Swarovski's rules.

That being said, we will continue to use the highest quality crystals for all of our projects, This does not affect the quality and craftsmanship of our products – rest assured that all of our products will always be made with the finest and most brilliant crystals. We will never switch to plastic imitations.

We thank you for being our valued customers and can’t wait to continue making beautiful things for you! As always, feel free to send a message if you have any questions.


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