CRYSTALL!ZED Face Mask - Chunky

CRYSTALL!ZED Face Mask - Chunky

All made to order! Shown: Solid black mask with Blue Mix Swarovski crystals


Unprecedented times bring about unprecedented fashion statements. Have a face mask CRYSTALL!ZED with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals! Perfect for looking fabulous whihle still staying healthy! Each crystal is sewn by hand to ensure a detailed and high-fashion look. Every 100% cotton mask is standard size with two non-adjustable ear loops and a two inch side opening for a filter. Cost of a new mask is included in the purchase price, but filters are not included.


Prefer specific crystal colors? Just send us a message and we'll discuss your custom project! Availability can vary.

  • Care Instructions

    Spot clean only. Do not put in washing machine.

  • Warranty

    CRYSTALL!ZED by Bri has a limited one year warranty from date of purchase on all of our work. This warranty is void if the damage comes as a reult of putting the item in a washing machine or dryer, or if a car is put through a car wash or involved in an auto accident. Keep in mind that losing a crystal or two is very normal and will happen. If, for some reason, more extensive&