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Custom Projects

Any item, big or small; basic or intricate in design: If you have a vision, we can bring it to life. All products in the store are completely customizable from color to crystal size. But, what if the item you want crystallized isn’t listed in the store? Perhaps you have a general design idea, or a specific item in your possession that you’d like crystallized, like a pair of high heels for your wedding day, or an emblem for your Infiniti. No problem! We can easily accept items you mail in and simply send them back when the project is complete. Just contact us for a personalized quote!


You may contact us via email: inquiries(at)
or via phone call/text message: (484) 401-7937
to discuss your custom project ideas!

As always, you'll be given a free quote before committing to your project!

 Need some inspiration? Head over to our Portfolio tab to see Briana’s personal and past projects, professional and media photos, articles, and social media posts, or contact us directly for design ideas. 

Crystal Color Chart  (click to zoom!)

crystal color chart bling
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