​Briana is a 24 year old native of southeastern Pennsylvania with a deep love for creativity. A true artist, she began playing music at the age of 7 and continues to do so to this day. That same year, Briana stumbled upon her first Swarovski figurine and instantly fell in love. This appreciation turned itself into a hobby when Briana saw a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that were covered in thousands of flatback Swarovski crystals. She thought to herself, “I absolutely loved those shoes, but the price tag was just insane… there was no way I’d be able to buy them outright. I wondered if I could just make them myself.” So she did just that.

At first, this was just a hobby for Briana. She enjoyed creating and loved the end result. Recently, however, she became more aware of a demand for crystallized products. “I started to do crystal work on my car and would be stopped by various people while out and about. They’d always wonder where I had it done or if these parts came directly from the manufacturer. Soon I came to realize that there is a pretty heavy demand for custom crystallized products, but almost no one wants to sit down and actually do it” because of the tedious and time consuming nature of the craft. Every crystal is hand-set.

Having six years of practice has given Briana time to get acquainted with her art. “I think the fact that I made things for myself, rather than others first, really helped me learn a lot about the craft. I got comfortable with the process. I had room to make mistakes and change how something looked; I could take my time and let my inner perfectionist come through. If the quality isn’t up to par in my eyes for my own use, then it wouldn’t be for anyone else, either. I have a very high standard to which I hold my work.”

Briana’s response when asked about, why she chose this career is always the same:

“I just love crystals.”

If you do too, then let’s get CRYSTALL!ZED.

Briana attending the
2018 JAWS Youth Charities Pairings Party
hosted by Ron Jaworski
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