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AMAs Craziness

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


(This was back on November 23)... I wake up to an email from Shania Twain’s production manager saying they’re having an emergency and need a bling guitar for her for the AMAs the next night (YES THE AMAs. I almost died). I told them i have my personal guitar that i could send, but they needed hot pink crystals and mine is done in Crystal AB. The original guitar made for Shania was stuck in customs and wouldn’t arrive in time, so they said if i could find a store in LA who could provide the crystals in the quantity and color that they need, they would fly me out, have someone pick them up and take them to my hotel so i could do the job, and i could attend the AMAs backstage with them.

I went ahead and spent the next four hours or so on the phone, and was able to track down the materials, but sadly, they decided to go with a bling artist who is local to LA just in case my flight would’ve been delayed as there wasn’t any more room for time delays. BUT i am getting compensated for my time and getting put in touch with the people who handle all the bling for touring acts like Beyonce! They typically use a company in the UK, but in light of the customs issues, it looks like they’re looking to hire someone new. 🤞🏻

So I finished the day sitting on the couch eating crumb cake instead. I love this job.


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